(E-11 Islamabad)
  • Year of execution: 2004-2008
  • Project value: Rs. 2800 million.
  • Covered area: 1 OO,OOO sft.
  • Project Team: Pro Arch. Nasir Iqbal, Asst. Arch. Ali Zahid Pro Coor. Shujaat, Elect. Eng. SEM- Eng. Architecture, Eng. Design & Consultancy Services
  • Project Significance: The project is arguably the largest apartment housing project of Islamabad/Rawalpindi by the Private sector. The challenge for us was not only to achieve the target housing density but also to achieve desired architectural quality. In the planning concept lied the success of design. As the master plan shows, the building blocks were placed according to plot shape to minimize wastage of land and in a manner that open areas views are achieved at strategic locations. The high elevations was given visual depth by using negative spaces between circular tower shape and concave facade.