(Main Branch, Lahore)
  • Year of execution: 2004
  • Project value: Rs.15 million. 0
  • Covered area: 15,000 sft.
  • Project Team: Pr. Arch. Nasir Iqbal, Sf. Eng. Arit. Pr. Mgr. Waseem Malik, Pro Sup. Safdar Elect. Eng. Pervez Iqbal.
  • Interior & Eng. Design with Turnkey Execution.
  • Project Significance: After design and execution of Faysal Bank regional office building, Islamabad , we were given to design and execute various main office building of Faysal bank. Among them were buildings at Multan, RY Khan, Gujranwala, Lahore Defence, Ferozpure road, Cantt, Mall etc ...

    Faysal Bank Regional office building and interior at M M Alam road , Gulberg is prominent among them and stands out as modern corporate office building design at a prominent location of Lahore.