CDA Head Quarter
  • Year of execution: 2002
  • Project value: Rs. 2800 Million Aprox
  • Covered area: 800,000 sft.
  • Project Team: Pro Arch. Nasir Iqbal
  • Design For Competition Held Under PCATP
  • Project Significance: NASIR'S DESIGN was selected by CDA and PCATP with six other leading Architecture firms among which were NESPAK, Habib Fida Associate, Ejaz Ahad Associate, Naqvi Siddique Associate etc, to propose design for CDA Headquarter at Zero Point in Islamabad. The design by Managing/ Principal Arch. Nasir Iqbal stood out as the most innovated and bold, for which the PCATP jury & CDA awarded NASIR'S DESIGN as the 2nd best design.